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Image of a "The Wounded Healer" poster

The Wounded Healer

The Wounded Healer is an innovative method of education and entertainment that blends the performing arts with psychiatry. TWH also traces my recovery journey from hopeless and suicidal man with mental illness to receiving the Royal College of Psychiatrist's Foundation Doctor and Core Psychiatric Trainee of the Year awards. The main aims of the Wounded Healer are to entertain, engage, and educate to challenge mental health stigma, debunk the many myths about mental illness that abound, empower people with lived/living experience of mental health difficulties and encourage care-seeking.

Since 2013, I have been fortunate to deliver the Wounded Healer to over 75,000 people in 5 continents in 19 countries throughout the globe. The Wounded Healer has also been integrated into the medical school curriculum of 4 UK universities and, together with filmmakers from the London College of Communication, we adapted The Wounded Healer into a short documentary film. I have been fortunate to deliver the Wounded Healer alongside Nobel Prize Laureates, TED speakers and celebrities in prestigious national and international conferences. Audiences report in written feedback (which has been collated and published in peer-reviewed academic journals) that the Wounded Healer is 'inspirational' and 'the best lecture' they have ever attended. Please click on some of the material below for further information and feedback.

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