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Islam and Muslim Mental Health

I am (unapologetically) a proud British Muslim. I have been fortunate enough to collaborate and work closely with University Islamic Societies throughout the UK and Ireland having helped them to design, develop and deliver many of their own events on Muslim mental health.


I have delivered Keynote Lectures at the Federation of Student Islamic Societies (FOSIS) national mental health conferences. I am also interested in the relationship between Islamophobia and psychological distress in Muslims and therapies that incorporate Islamic principles to treat psychological problems.


I am currently developing a manual for Muslim mental health with the Muslim Council of Britain and co-editing a textbook with colleagues at Stanford University, Harvard University and the University of Wisconsin (USA) on Islamophobia, violent extremism and mental health which will be published (inshAllah) by Springer in 2018. Please see the material below for further information about the advocacy work that I have been doing on Islam and Muslim mental health.